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Our companies

  • Indexa Capital AV

    Leading independent automated manager in Spain since 2015, also present in Belgium since 2020. Investment fund portfolios, pension plans, and life insurance with lower costs, higher returns, and global diversification.

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  • Bewater Asset Management SGEIC

    Closed collective investment fund manager in Spain. Offers professional investors the opportunity to invest in profitable unlisted companies, through its single-investment or diversified funds.

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  • Caravel (Fund Your Future)

    Insurance broker specialised in retirement savings in France, offering a simple PER (Plan Épargne Retraite) simple and socially responsible.

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  • Indexa Courtier d’Assurance

    Insurance broker marketing our life-saving insurance in France. Lower costs, higher returns, and global diversification, with a product tailored to French regulation and taxation.

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Our history

  • 2014

    Indexa Capital Group SA was founded in 2014 under the initial name “Bewa7er Market SL”, with the aim of offering an initial version of what is now Bewater Funds. It started its activity in June 2014 and paused it in September 2014 with the aim of finding a better regulatory fit.

  • 2015

    From September 2015, the founding team prioritized the development of Indexa Capital AV, a securities agency authorized by the CNMV (nº 257) established in November 2015, as a 100% subsidiary of Indexa Capital Group and began its activity in December 2015.

  • 2018

    In March 2018, the second subsidiary, Bewater Asset Management SGEIC de Tipo Cerrado SA (“Bewater Funds”), a closed-end investment fund manager, was established.

  • 2020

    In November 2020, Indexa Capital AV started its activity in Belgium, under the regime of free provision of services.

  • 2022

    In January 2022, the third subsidiary, Indexa Courtier d’Assurance SAS (“Société par Actions Simplifiée” under French law), a 100% subsidiary of Indexa Capital Group, was established to market life-saving insurance in France.

  • 2023

    In July 2023 Indexa Capital Group began trading on BME Growth, the market for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME).

  • 2024

    Indexa Capital Group adquiere el 100 % de Caravel, corredor de seguros especializado en ahorro para la jubilación en Francia.

Mission and vision

  • Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals. To do this, we provide access to a diversified and low-cost investment proposal.
  • Indexa's vision is to be the independent manager with the most assets under management in Spain, and to have a relevant size in the markets where we are present. We aspire to be the leading entity to which retail clients in continental Europe turn to make their investments.
  • Bewater's vision is to offer investors the best risk-adjusted return in the market segments in which it operates.

Our values

  • The client comes first

    Our long-term success as a company depends on the success of our clients. We are an LPB model: Always Low Prices. We prioritize sustainable improvement over one-time offerings.

  • We create value for our shareholders

    We aim to provide our shareholders with a return appropriate to the risk they assume.

  • We seek continuous improvement

    We question the status quo. We prioritize automation over manual operations.

  • We are honest

    We tell the truth: our reputation, the trust of our clients, team, and shareholders are our main asset. We prioritize data-driven decision-making over opinions.

  • We focus on the long term

    In our decisions, we value long-term impact above all else.

Minority participations

Indexa Capital Group has minority participations in other financial or insurance companies with the aim of bringing value to them and learning from other businesses close to ours.

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